In Adventure Guides, parents and children develop healthy relationships, gain a sense of belonging, and learn the importance of giving back to the community through one-on-one interactions, activities with other families, and community service projects. 


You and your child (K-5th grade), along with other parent/child pairs, will join or form a group and attend monthly meetings and year-round events. Events and meetings are planned quality time with your child that enrich both you and your child’s life and help build the foundation for a positive lifelong relationship. Monthly meetings include crafts, storytelling, games and snacks, and making new friends.  Year-round events include; three campouts (Fall, Winter, Spring), Pinewood Derby Races, Pando Tubing, bowling, Christmas Tree fundraiser, swimming and so much more.


  • Games
  • Storytelling
  • Three campouts (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • Pinewood Derby Races
  • Bowling
  • Tubing at Pando
  • Swimming
  • Christmas Tree Fundraiser
  • Whitecaps Baseball Game


Many of our parents told us they don’t want the great experiences to end at 5th grade, so we are introducing the Trail Blazers program for older children, 6th – 11th grade. We have kept many of the successful elements from the Adventure Guides program, but have added many new activities to enhance the Trail Blazer program experience.


"I will never forget the great times we had together exploring new adventures."

To learn more about Adventure Guides or to get involved, please contact us or call 616.885.9520.