Summer Day Camp: Adventure Theme Weeks

JUNE 15-19: Color
This week is all about teamwork, making friends, good sportsmanship and leadership. Campers and counselors are assigned to color teams and compete in fun and wacky challenges throughout the week. At the end of the week, everyone comes together as one!
JUNE 22-26: Harry Potter
It’s time to get your acceptance letter to the camp of magic and wonder! We will be hosting Hogwarts at our camps. No matter which house you belong to, each little wizard will have an enchanting good time making wands, learning fun spells, and discovering the secrets of an amazing experience at camp. 

JUNE 29-July 3: Good Neighbors
Neighbor Week is a celebration of community, encouraging campers to connect with those who live around them. Whether through a community service project, a picnic in the park, or a message of support; Good Neighbor Week is the perfect opportunity to say thanks for being a great neighbor and being there to lend a hand.

JULY 6-10: Star Wars
It’s the return of Star Wars week at camp! Blast off into the galaxy on the Millennium Falcon and get ready to have an adventure this week. May the force be with you and your friends as you perfect your lightsaber skills and prepare for your mission at camp. 

Develop your skills using Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics!! This week aims to teach innovation, to think critically and use engineering or technology in imaginative designs or creative approaches to real-world problems.

JULY 20-24: Game Show
C’mon down! You could be the next contestant on Game Show Mania! During this fun and exciting week, campers will participate in playing child-versions of the most popular TV game shows from past and present including: Survivor, Minute to Win It, The Amazing Race and more. 

JULY 27-31: Olympics
Jump. Sprint. Move with sports, games, obstacle courses, and relays. This team-building week is full of physical activities and is a fun way to spend time together and have some laughs as you play.

August 3-7: Water
It’s time to get soaked! Splish and splash through an awesome, fun filled week. Summer is hot, but you’ll stay cool with activities like water balloon games, water relays, slip n’ slides and more!

AUGUST 10-14: Where the Wild Things Are
Take a walk on the wild side! Spend the week exploring your natural surroundings, whether that’s a city park or a wetland trail, unleash your imagination with fun craft projects and wacky outdoor activities, and learn more about the wild lands of Michigan and the wildlife that calls this state home! 

August 17-21: Disney    
Come enjoy the Magic Kingdom at camp! Add some magic to your week with Disney crafts and activities. Celebrate with us, and share your favorite Disney movie character by wearing your favorite costumes or bringing in your favorite toy.

August 24-28: Mystery
Offered ONLY at David D. Hunting YMCA & Mary Free Bed YMCA
Become the greatest detective at the Y! Discover and use all the tools needed to solve mysteries. Learn about finger prints and dust the room to see who was there. Follow the clues and connect the dots as we end the week combing through the building to solve a big mystery.