Need some help getting to day camp? Don’t worry; transportation is available for an additional $40 a week. Take a look at our schedule to find a location near you!

96 East Carpool lot at Gravity. Honesty 7:20 5:50 1-9
Forest Hills Southeast YMCA Honesty 7:30 5:35 1-9
Cascade Cascade Village Square Honesty 7:45 5:20 1-9
Alaska Kettle Lake Elementary Honesty 8:00 5:00 1-9
Rockford Lowe’s on Plainfield Caring 7:15 6:00 1,4,7,9
Knapp/Beltline Meijer at Knapp’s Corner Caring 7:25 5:45 1-9
EGR Breton Downs Elementary Caring 7:40 5:20 1-9
Grand Rapids JCPenney (Woodland Mall)
Parking lot near Firestone
Caring 7:55 5:05 2,3,5,6,8
Dutton Dutton Christian Elementary Caring 8:05 5:00 1,4,7,9
Caledonia D&W Caring 8:15 4:45 2,3,5,6,8
Grand Rapids JCPenney (Woodland Mall) Respect 7:20 5:45 1-9
Wyoming Godwin Heights Middle School Respect 7:35 5:35 2,3,6,7,9
Grandville Visser Family YMCA Respect 7:40 5:20 1,4,5,8
Wyoming Spartan Stores YMCA Respect 7:50 5:20 2,3,6,7,9
Cutlerville Kmart Respect 8:00 5:00 1,4,5,8
Gaines Township Meijer Respect 8:05 5:00 2,3,6,7,9
Wayland Hardings Respect 8:15 4:45 1,4,5,8

Friday evening of each Day Camp session is Family Night. Families are invited to camp to meet staff, join us for a picnic, and participate in camp activities. Campers age 6 and older have the option of spending the night for a fee to sample the Overnight camp experience. For this reason, bussing is not provided on Friday afternoon.

There are also 2 options for bussing on Friday night: DDH YMCA at 8:30PM or MFBY at 8:15PM.

Please make sure you have chosen a bus route that is offered during the week that your day camper is registered.