Please note, this is a sample of our typical schedule. Each classroom will have a personalized daily schedule to ensure children’s developmental needs are being met.

Start Time End Time Activity
Arrive at 8:00 am Arrival, child choice, morning snack
8:00 9:00 am Breakfast, table toys
9:00 10:00 am Small group, large group time
10:00 11:30 am Child choice, outside, gross motor
11:30 am 12:30 pm Lunch
12:30 2:30 pm Rest time, quiet activities
2:30 3:30 pm Snack, table toys
3:30 4:30 pm Small group, large group time
4:30 5:30 pm Child choice, outside, gross motor
5:30 pm Closing Departure

To ensure that the changing developmental and individual needs of each child are met, the program will permit infants to eat and sleep on demand and will not be required to function as a whole group. Teachers will plan developmentally appropriate activities based on the age of the child.