YMCA Lifeguarding Offers Competitive Wage, Training, Career Launch

With many employment opportunities across the city and region, the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids invites current and future lifeguards to join their team and launch a fulfilling career.  The organization has increased wages, now offering $14.61 to $16.44 per hour, opened free training cohorts, and invested in creating year-round, flexible hours for these aquatic leaders to develop life-long professional skills.

When you work as a YMCA lifeguard, you get the satisfaction of knowing you actively make an impact in the lives of others, while working with and guarding a group of diverse individuals. “Becoming a YMCA lifeguard provides you a support network to be successful from the day you decide to pursue the opportunity,” said YMCA Human Resources Director Peter Reiff.  “The free lifeguard training courses, competitive wage, flexible hours and six locations are all great benefits to the role.  What’s more is that at the YMCA you are part of a larger team of leaders and health and wellness service providers that work together to meet the needs of the community year-round, every year.” 

While most lifeguards are high school and college students, the ranks are also made up of professionals, retirees and stay-at-home parents. The Y’s greatest lifeguarding success story is YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids CEO Scott Lewis. Lewis began his tenure at the YMCA as a lifeguard at a New Jersey YMCA in 1986 where the organization invested in his leadership potential.

“The role of lifeguard is one that can launch a great career, and I know from experience,” said Lewis. “Providing a safe and exceptional experience, working with a diverse customer base, problem solving, and having an exceptional attention to detail are all skills that serve professionals long term.”

For more on the Y’s four lifeguard training classes planned between now and May, visit https://www.grymca.org/aquatics-careers/#training. For those already trained and wish to apply, visit www.grymca.org/careers.