Give Your Credits Back Today!

Use your credits to help your whole community.

Creating sustainable futures for all is a mission we have rallied around as a YMCA community for more than 150 years.

At the start of 2020, it would have been impossible to imagine the YMCA’s doors would be ordered closed for 178 days.  We face a significant financial burden as a result.

The work of serving the community in critical ways has found a way to continue through this time. Our teams have adapted to meet needs and find new ways to be present and safe whether outdoors or online.

That is our powerful YMCA community at work, undeterred and committed to finding pathways toward successful outcomes for neighbors of all ages.

You have always been a part of that powerful impact—building strong and successful children and neighborhoods—and today is no different. You have the power to make an incredible difference for our YMCAs with just one click HERE.

While our doors have been closed, a credit has accumulated on your account. Your membership has always held power to create transformational change focused on tomorrow. We ask you apply that power by donating your credit today. That tax-deductible gift, aligned with the gifts of others in our membership community, can move our organization forward.

With the donation of your credit, you position the Y to continue:

  • Caring for children for our community’s workforce
  • Creating programs for day camp experiences that bridge gaps for families
  • Providing healthy food to those in need by distributing in neighborhoods near them
  • Engaging members in new, interactive virtual fitness classes
  • Combatting social isolation by walking alongside members of our community

Our members are powerful. We have always known that—and we thank you for sustaining our mission to create successful, healthy, and connected community members…even the littlest ones.

Give Back Your Credits Today!

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