Martha is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and American Council on Exercise certified Group Fitness instructor with 30 years of experience. As a seasoned fitness professional, her passion is to help her clients develop a fitness regimen by discovering what will really benefit them, and create a plan of action, based on her client’s ability and desire. Martha will provide accountability, encouragement, as well as safe & effective techniques to help you achieve your goals. Her specialties include developing muscular strength and endurance, enhancing core strength, increasing flexibility and balance, reduction in weight and body composition, all while emphasizing your enjoyment.

Martha especially likes helping Beginners, Gen X, and Boomers, although she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help all ages, and fitness levels. Martha truly cares about each client’s success, for their own life experience!

Martha is available for individual training sessions, partner sessions, and small group training.