Taylor is a certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Consultant/Exercise Specialist through NBCA, and The Blue Heron Academy. Both wellness and fitness have always played a huge role in her life, and she more recently discovered through her own body building/weight training journey, that turning it into her career and helping others, is her life passion. She is also experienced in early childhood development and when she is not busy working at the YMCA she loves her job as a nanny. She has certifications in CPR, FIRST AID, AND AED.

With the ability to work with a large range of people, from beginner to advanced, her utmost focus is to commit, encourage, support, and educate each and every one of her clients. She believes that everybody is capable and deserving of a meaningful and motivated lifestyle, and seeks to help individuals feel more confident in themselves and in their lives. She is a strong advocate for mental health awareness, knows the mental benefits that exercise brings, and values the importance of how being active helps contribute to a more balanced state of mind. With a strong emphasis on Mind and Body connection while training, she is also a strong believer in using proper technique and form, in order to stay healthy and get the desired results. Taylor is passionate about helping people set challenging yet attainable goals and wants to help create positive fitness habits that will become a part of individuals everyday life.

In her free time, she enjoys bodybuilding, endurance training, camping/hiking with her fiance and puppy, trail running, reading and collecting comic books, continuing education in nutrition, and having an overall busy and active lifestyle!