Summer Day Camp Programs: Every Child Deserves a Y Experience 


For the times families can’t be there, the Y supports their effort to nurture their child’s healthy development. Our well-trained staff provide safe, affordable, high-quality care so parents can have peace of mind while at work to help their family succeed.

At the Y, good child care is good family care. With a focus on important life skills, parents know that their child is: 

  • Developing core values
  • Improving reading comprehension and fluency through daily literacy activities
  • Practicing good healthy habits by being active throughout the day 
  • Increasing family engagement through weekly family activities

Our Programs Include:

30 minutes/day  |  Participants will demonstrate YMCA Pillars of Character: caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, civility, trustworthiness and fairness.

60 minutes/day  |  Participants will demonstrate physical fitness & knowledge about healthy lifestyles. 

60 minutes/day  |  Disguised Learning. To improve reading fluency, comprehension, oral speaking skills, confidence, self esteem and decision making skills.