Your 2018 Tax Statements will be available online starting 1/5/19. You can access your 2018 Tax Statement for your Child Care payments by logging into your account using the login below.

1. Log into your account (at the bottom of this page) and you will see the following information, which is located under your Name and Address box:

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2. When you click on the 2018 Year-end child care statement, your tax statement will appear. 

3. If you do not have an on-line account set up, you will need to create an account (go to the bottom of this page):

a. Click on “Find Account” in the box “I want to set up online access for my account”, or “Sign Up” in the box “I don’t have an account, but I want to create one”.

Childcare Tax Login

b. If you are signing up as a new user, you will register as a “Non-member” and follow the instructions for activating your account. You will be asked what branch you are signing up for. Please reference the list below to find the Child Care site that your child attends and what branch is affiliated to that site. Pick the branch that is accurate for your child care site.

Once you are logged in, you will see the 2018 Year-end child care statement area as listed above.  

Childcare Tax 3


Childcare Tax 4

David D. Hunting YMCA

  • (DDH) David D. Hunting (
  • AP) Aberdeen Park
  • (CW) Chandler Woods Charter School
  • (COIE) Coit Elementary
  • (CHA) Covenant House Academy
  • (ECA) Excel Charter Academy
  • (KCA) Knapp Charter Academy
  • (MLKP) MLK Park
  • (PCP) Plaster Creek Park
  • (RF) Rasberry Field
  • (RICP) Richmond Park
  • (RPCA) Ridge Park Charter Academy
  • (RCSA) River City Scholars Academy
  • (RIVP) Riverside Park
  • (SIBE) Sibley Elementary
  • (VCA) Vanguard Charter Academy
  • (VICA) Vista Charter Academy

Visser Family YMCA

  • (LSE) Lakeshore Elementary
  • (LWE) Lakewood Elementary
  • (WE) Waukazoo Elementary

Mary Free Bed YMCA

  • (GEN) Generations

Ionia County YMCA

  • (08A) Ionia County

Spartan Stores YMCA

  • (04) Spartan Stores
  • (ADA) Adams Christian School
  • (CES) Caledonia Elementary School
  • (CAL) Caledonia Program Center
  • (DORR) Dorr Elementary
  • (DUE) Dutton Elementary
  • (EMLE) Emmons Lake Elementary
  • (KLE) Kettle Lake Elementary
  • (MAP) Maple Hill Golf Course
  • (PRE) Paris Ridge Elementary
  • (SES) Sycamore Elementary School

Lowell YMCA

  • (08) Lowell
  • (AE) Alto Elementary
  • (Bush) Bushnell Elementary
  • (CCE) Cherry Creek Elementary
  • (EES) Ellis Elementary
  • (MLE) Murray Lake Elementary
  • (RES) Rather Elementary School
  • (SE) Saranac Elementary

Wolverine Worldwide Family YMCA

  • (CSA) Cannonsburg Ski Area
  • EOE) East Oakview Elementary
  • (ELL) Ellis (HMS) Highlands Middle School
  • (MCMS) Mill Creek Middle School
  • (NOE) North Oakview Elementary
  • (PIE) Pine Island Elementary
  • (SCE) Stoney Creek Elementary
  • (WOE) West Oakview Elementary

Log in to your YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids account here: