Youth Leadership Academy

The new Youth Leadership Academy, located at the Mary Free Bed YMCA, will debut an interactive youth engagement program designed to promote a sense of belonging, develop emotional aptitude, explore hidden talents and interests, expand cultural intelligence, and empower youth to pursue their dreams.

Inherent in every child is the potential for extraordinary achievements. At the Youth Leadership Academy, students will learn components of public policy, social entrepreneurialism, global education, environmental responsibility, vocational skills, and philanthropic stewardship while expanding their academic knowledge.

Youth Leadership


Young minds participating in the Youth Leadership Academy will grow in:

  • Public Policy: Students immerse themselves in experiential civic engagement and practice democracy by discussing and debating issues that affect the citizens of Michigan.

  • Social Entrepreneurialism: Young adults learn sustainable entrepreneurship and business models that support social causes.
  • Philanthropic Stewardship:  Teenagers learn the importance of philanthropy and how it affects this community.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Environmental education provides youth the skills to improve the environment, including agriscience and horticulture programs.
  • Internships & Mentoring: Students learn community building, cultural differences, civic leadership, and professional development skills in real-world working environments.

If you are interested in learning more, please send an email to or call us at 616.885.5912. For media inquiries contact 616.855.9668.