Registered Dietitian


Our Registered Dietitian can help you reach your health goals and feel more energetic by giving you tools to improve your eating habits and cholesterol, control your weight, decrease blood pressure, manage diabetes and plan healthy meals. Learn effective meal planning, how to fit delicious, healthy meals into your busy life, pre and post fitness nutrition, and much more.

Pricing & Packages

Registered Dietitian SessionMemberNon-Member
30 Minute Session$36$45
60 Minute Session$65$81

30 Minute Session PackagesMemberNon-Member
5 Pack of 30 Minute Sessions$163$208
10 Pack of 30 Minute Sessions$312$401
20 Pack of 30 Minute Sessions$594$772

60 Minute Session PackagesMemberNon-Member
5 Pack of 60 Minute Sessions$297$378
10 Pack of 60 Minute Sessions$567$729
20 Pack of 60 Minute Sessions$1080$1404

Meet Our Dietitians

Nicole Holmes 2022 WEB

Nicole Holmes

Registered Dietitian

Brooke Turner 0 2

Brooke Turner

Registered Dietitian

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