Sunny Days!

2022 Summer Day Camp

Registration for 2022 is CLOSED.

JUNE 13 – AUGUST 19 · Ages 5-12*

We offer convenient hours and affordable pricing! Y membership is NOT required to participate. 

Make Summer your adventure! YMCA Summer Day Camps offer an experience that is sure to keep your child having fun all summer long. From fostering creativity, to building a sense of accomplishment and belonging, we help kids flourish by surrounding each child with support, guidance, and fantastic opportunities to discover, learn and try until they succeed. Pack a lunch. Morning and afternoon snacks are provided.

* Children must have completed young fives or kindergarten to register.

Theme Weeks

Each week of camp is uniquely themed to add some fun and excitement to the mix. The week will contain additional activities that correspond to the theme.


June 13 - 17
Take a step into a world of adventure with cowboys, bandits, and jungle explorers. Grab your cowboy hats and get ready to have a week filled with double the adventure!

Green Machine

June 20 - 24
Do you have a love of nature? Do you want to learn how to compost and recycle? Spend a week learning more about our ecosystem and everything that lives in it.

Splash Week

June 27 - July 1
Ahoy matey! Campers will experience a week of pirates, mermaids, and other sea creatures. This week we will explore all things under the sea and create a splash of fun!

All American Road Trip

July 5 - 8
Join us as we experience the best thing since sliced bread: a road trip! This week will be filled with learning about our national parks, Route 66, and other American landmarks. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

Mystic Creatures

July 11 - 15
Your acceptance letter has arrived! Hop on Platform 9 & 3/4 to YMCA Summer Day Camps. No matter which house you belong to, each little wizard will have an enchanting good time and learning the secrets of an amazing experience at camp!

Galactic Adventures

July 18 - 22
A long time ago in a camp NOT so far away… It’s time to blast off into the galaxy and bring your droids and light sabers with you! The force is strong with your camper during this fun week.

Thrillers & Chillers

July 25 - 29
Grab your magnifying glass and detective coat so you can get ready to solve the biggest mystery that Summer Day Camps has ever seen. Mystery Incorporated has nothing on you!


August 1 - 5
Peace and love! Camp is bringing the excitement of the 60s through the power of music and flowers!

Once Upon a Time

August 8 - 12
... there lived a group of campers who slayed dragons, lived in castles, and hunted ogres! Bring your best costume and get excited as we celebrate your favorite classic fairytale characters.

Surprise Week

August 15 - 19
There's always fun involved when it comes to Summer Day Camp! Get prepared to be surprised by the theme this week.

Summer Day Camp Information

Branch-Based Day Camp weekly registration rates:
$195 member  /  $210 non-memberAvailable at:
  • David D. Hunting YMCA
  • Mary Free Bed YMCA
  • SpartanNash YMCA
  • Visser Family YMCA
  • Wolverine Worldwide Family YMCA
YMCA School-Based Day Camp weekly registration rates:
Weekly (5 Day) Rates: $195 member & non-member 3 Day Rates: $150 member & non-memberAvailable at:
  • Caledonia at Caledonia Elementary
  • Lowell at Cherry Creek Elementary
  • West Ottawa at Lakeshore Elementary
Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance is available to those who qualify based on the current CACFP scale. Click the button below to complete and submit our online Financial Assistance Application.

Assistance Application

Registration – How do I register for day camp?

All campers must be registered for camp prior to attending. You can register by phone at 616.855.9622 or online at as well as at any of our branch locations. Registration ENDS ten days prior to the start of each camp week. 

Early Bird Discount – What if I have more than one child attending day camp?

The Y offers an Early Bird Discount: Sign Up Early & Save 10% in January and 5% in February (Does not include YMCA Camp Manitou-lin). Summer Day Camp weekly charges will be drafted in full 10 days prior to the start of each camp week which is when any discounts will be applied.

Payments – What are my options to pay for summer day camp?

  • This can be paid by credit card, cash or drafted from your checking or savings account. 
  • Summer Day Camp weekly charges will be drafted in full 10 days prior to the start of each camp week.
  • Schedule changes/additions are allowed, pending availability, two (2) weeks prior to the start of each week.
  • A $40 Cancelation fee per family for each cancelled week will apply for cancelations made after April 15, 2022
  • There are no credits or refunds for missed days.
  • YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin has a different payment/cancellation policy. FOR DETAILS, go to, and see parent resources.

Clothing – What sort of clothes should my camper bring?

All campers are required to wear their camp t-shirts on field trip days. Campers should also wear simple, non-restrictive clothing that you do not mind getting dirty, wet and possibly ruined. Shorts, jeans and tennis shoes are a good choice. You may want to send along an extra change of clothes just in case. Only swimwear is allowed in the pools. Street clothes may not be worn. 

Items from Home – May campers bring toys and similar items from home to camp?

Campers are not permitted to bring possessions from home (i.e. cell phones, iPods, toys, Gameboys, PSP, action figures, dolls, trading cards, etc.). The Y is not responsible for any item that is broken, lost or stolen during camp. 

Lunch/Snacks – Does my camper need to bring lunch/snacks to camp.

Each child needs to bring a peanut-free sack lunch. Lunches cannot be stored in a refrigerator or heated up in a microwave, so please pack food that will not spoil easily. Freezing juice boxes the night before and using ice packs for children’s lunch is suggested. Morning and afternoon snacks are provided. 

Sunscreen – Do I need to send sunscreen with my camper?

Campers must bring sunscreen every day! Please apply sunscreen to your child before coming to camp each day. Throughout the day, your child will have frequent opportunities to reapply sunscreen.

Licensed – Is the YMCA licensed?

Yes, our Summer Day Camps are licensed under the State of Michigan. This is our assurance that our day camps are committed to the highest standards established for the child care industry. 

Camp Counselors – What are the qualifications of your camp counselors?

Our counselors receive extensive training prior to the start of camp. Training includes:

  • Child Protection & Abuse Prevention
  • Behavior Management & Bully Prevention
  • Field Trip & Off-Site Safety & Procedures
  • General Risk Management & Prevention
  • Pool Safety
  • Project Based Learning
  • Character Development
  • Age Appropriate Activity
  • Customer Service
  • Curriculum Development & Design
  • CPR/First Aid & AED
  • STEAM/STEM Training

and our camp project based learning curriculum includes songs and games that incorporate the Y’s core values and education. 

Illness/Injury – What happens if my camper is sick or gets hurt?

Parents will be notified by camp personnel if their child has not been feeling well for a period of time and does not seem to be getting any better. Moderate injuries will also be communicated to the parent once proper first aid has taken place. Minor injuries will be communicated at Sign Out. In the case of a severe injury needing professional medical attention, the parent or guardian will be contacted immediately. 

Inclement Weather – What is the procedure for bad weather?

At the first sign of inclement weather, campers will be brought indoors and into safety. Inclement weather includes lightening and extreme heat. 

Medication Administration – What is the procedure for when my child needs to take prescribed medication while at camp?

Parents/Guardians must have a signed medication authorization form on file for day camp staff to administer medication. The Authorization to Administer Medication form can be obtained during registration or online. You can also ask any camp director for a copy during the summer. Medication MUST come in the original pharmacy container.  It must list clearly the camper’s name, the doctor’s name, the name of the medication, the correct daily dosage, and the correct time of the date the medication is to be administered. Please indicate whether the medication needs to be taken with our without food and/or water. 

Ratios – What is the counselor to camper ratio?

The Child Licensing Guidelines for counselors to camper ratios are as follows: 1:10 

Water Safety – Does my camper need to know how to swim?

Campers are tested to determine swim ability and if they will be allowed to utilize the deep end of the pool. They can re-test another day. If they cannot swim, they are required to wear a life jacket that we provide. All lifeguards are certified.

Sign In/Sign Out – What is the procedure for campers checking in and out for camp?

All campers must be signed in and out of camp daily. Parents/Guardians must have a valid ID every day at the time of pickup in order for us to release your child do you. Please see the parent handbook for more information. 

Absences – What should I do if my camper will be absent or late?

Please leave a message for the camp directors at the front desk. Make sure to leave your name and camp you are attending in the message. 

Daily Activities – What is a typical day like at camp?

Every week has a weekly theme! Activities, trips and lesson plans are typically tied into that weekly theme. Throughout the day, campers will participate in songs, fellowship, arts and crafts, character development, team building, health and nutrition, sports, fine arts, reading, science and much more! Throughout the day there are breaks scheduled for snack time, bathroom time, and sunscreen time. 

Field Trips – Does the camp offer field trips as an activity?

We are doing field trips at participating locations. 

Lost & Found – What if my camper loses an item while at camp?

To minimize the chance of misplaced clothing and other items, please label all clothing and other property clearly. We cannot be responsible for lost or missing items. There will be a lost and found located at every day camp location. 

Parent Visits – Are parents allowed to visit our children while they are at camp?

The Y has an open door policy for the parents and guardians of all campers. Please first speak directly with a camp director to let them know you are visiting. Parents are invited and encouraged to visit the program sites at any time. 

Early Pickup – What if I need to pick up my child earlier than planned from camp, what do I do? 

Please email the program director and communicate at drop off to camp staff if you plan to pick up your child early.

Screen Time – Is there any screen time at camp? 

No, we do not have any screen time planned during camp. Only during special situations/programs that may require screens are they used.


Registration for 2022 is CLOSED. We’ll see you next summer!

Please choose a Summer Day Camp location below, and click on the “REGISTER TODAY” button. The button will direct you to the sign up page where you can register for day camps. “CONTACT US” for more information or registration assistance.
  • 3 Day options available at our school based locations.
  • Children must have completed young fives or kindergarten to register.
  • Registration ENDS ten days prior to the start of each camp week.
  • Summer Day Camp weekly charges will be drafted in full 10 days prior to the start of each camp week which is when any Early Bird discounts will be applied.


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