The YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids encourages adults and organizations to jointogether to make the community a safer place for children to live, learn, and play. With summer right around the corner—when children gather for activities and camps, it is a wonderful time to bring attention to the simple ways we can all make the children in our community safer.

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Five Days of Action is a campaign to increase awareness of child sexual abuse and how all adults can prevent it when we “Know. See. Respond.” We pledge to protect the children we serve, and we hope you will too! 

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KNOWing the facts about child sexual abuse can help adults better understand what to look for and how to prevent it. As parents, caregivers, and trusted adults to the young people in our lives, we play an important role in protecting them from abuse. Learn more about the different types of abuse, the signs and how you can help at

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Media and technology are at the center of children’s lives every day. With more of life happening online, what catches their attention isn’t always what’s best for them. As a parent or caregiver, you may SEE a child interacting with media daily, and you can be equipped with the tools and resources to make sure any environment (including online) is free from any abuse. 

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How can you RESPOND to the call to help prevent child sexual abuse? As a parent or caregiver, you may know it’s important to talk about it, but you may not know what or when to say it. Committee for Children has created the Hot Chocolate Talk campaign, packing decades of research into easy-to-use guides to help you begin these crucial conversations – at any age, from toddler to teen. 

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In this post, we learned the importance of Know. See. Respond. and gained practical tools for preventing child sexual abuse—but our work is never done. The YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids is committed to year-round prevention, and we hope you are, too!