Jeremiah’s mission is to help people enhance the quality and enjoyment of their life through fitness. He discovered this mission and developed his passion for fitness during the 10 years he spent in academia studying, teaching, and researching the effects of exercise. Having obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Exercise Science, Jeremiah began a PhD program studying Health Behavior and researching the effects of exercise on cognitive outcomes. After completing several years of coursework, teaching classes, and researching, he decided to step away from academia and become a certified personal trainer. This change was made to have a greater and more direct impact on others’ lives. Jeremiah specializes in helping those who are getting started on their fitness journey and those who are newer to strength training. He uses his knowledge and skills to aid clients in developing and executing the process that is necessary for them to achieve their specific goals and maintain lasting change. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact Jeremiah via email at